Disaster Planning

Why You Need a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Why A Trustworthy Public Adjuster’s Number Should Be a Part of Your Business or Home Disaster Preparedness Plan.

When major disasters threaten metropolitan areas, government officials remind business owners and citizens that they need to create their Disaster Preparedness Plan. This plan should include everything from making preparations to evacuation, and dealing with the aftermath.

When it comes to dealing with the aftermath, THIS is missing from your disaster preparedness plan…

What happens when Hurricane Elsa damages your condo building? Or when the Oregon Bootleg Fire burns through your neighborhood? How about when you experience hail, fire, wind, flood, or catastrophic water damage?

When Disaster Strikes, Who Are You Going to Call?

At Velocity Public Adjusting, we believe that a trustworthy Public Adjuster should be a part of your Disaster Preparedness Plan.

When disaster strikes, most property owners don’t even think to begin investigating their “other options” in claims representation until they actually need help once they’ve experienced a problem with their claim.

Problems with claims can occur in the form of having your claim delayed, denied, or defended and shortchanged. All of which are the last thing you need to deal with after a major catastrophe.

When Disaster Strikes… Velocity Public Adjusting Is There For YOU.

Hiring a Public Adjuster—like our team of Licensed Public Adjusters here at Velocity Public Adjusting — costs you nothing up front, and can save you the headache of navigating the claims process alone. Our adjusters will help mitigate your stress burden during the aftermath of a major disaster by advocating on your behalf as the liaison between you and your insurance company.

We represent you throughout the entire claims process, including assessing damages to your property, gathering quotes and bids to estimate necessary repairs, navigating your insurance policy and the insurance jargon within it, and filing and negotiating your claim on your behalf with your insurance company.

Our Public Adjusters don’t get paid until you do, and we’re committed to ensuring that you receive a timely and full settlement so you can make the necessary repairs to return your property to its pre-disaster condition, and move on with life.

At times, complicated claims with extensive expensive repairs might require litigation to ensure a claim is paid in full. While most public adjusters have to hand their clients off to outside legal defense teams, Velocity Public Adjusting offers a different solution.

With our in-house Litigation team of attorneys nationwide, Velocity Public Adjusting can offer you the unique ability to keep your entire claims adjusting solution under one roof so you only have to share your story with one team. Our legal team is made up of highly skilled attorneys who are available when you need it the most. We’ll represent you through the litigation process, in court, all the way through to when your claim is paid.

Jack Hanks


Jack Hanks

Jack Hanks comes to Claims Management with over 30 years of experience in the claims and restoration industry. Throughout Jack’s extensive career, he has been involved with many large loss commercial projects resulting from catastrophic events such as hurricane Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne to name a few. Jack’s transition from restoration to public adjusting was a result of his passion for his clients to get properly indemnified by the insurance company. Jack’s proven track record includes personally handling over 500 claims worth over 100 Million dollars in 2020 alone. Jack is a graduate of Indiana University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He’s certified in the use of Xactimate estimating software and is a Licensed Public Adjuster in 36 states.


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